Thursday, December 6, 2012

Treasury Challenge NonTeam: Winning Treasury Challenge #111

Every now and then, I would participate in some Etsy team treasury challenges.  I did my latest treasury challenge, and love reading all the other treasuries depicting stories of an vintage photo named "The Salesman" by Deb of StoriedEye Etsy shop.

This is my treasury inspired by her print!

When I went back to the nonteam challenge blog to see the winner of this challenge, Deb had shared her experience as a judge for this challenge and had the perfect ending story for "the salesman" print.

I had to share this wonderful post from Etsy Treasury NonTeam Winner for challenge #111 ~ so wonderful!


Winning Treasury Challenge #111

Some words from StoriedEye...

Well, I’ve been reading the words, “judging this was really hard,” or some variation thereon, every week for many many weeks now, never quite grasping the gravity of that statement. This team is AMAZING. These treasuries were OUTSTANDING. To narrow it down, even to fifty, was a challenge beyond words. After that, it was agonizing (in a good way). You are one stupendous lot of storytellers, wits, artists, vintage connoisseurs, and visionaries. I had so much fun — and Mindy, a thousand thanks for this opportunity to play and reciprocate, and for your good advice along the way. Thanks too to Sarah and the entire nonteam crew. I’ve had the smallest inkling this week of the commitment and elbow grease they demonstrate/invest every week, and I’m humbled.

Before I announce the winner, I have one last story about the salesman to add to the colorful mix you’ve gifted me with:

About two days into the challenge, I received a convo from Carol We don’t know each other and have never corresponded in the past. She wrote, “Wow. This is strange. I saw this photo this morning and my mouth flew open with an, ‘Oh my god!’. I am pretty sure this is a photo of my grandfather, Edgar Allen Yelton. I have photos taken by him, mainly in Cripple Creek, CO in the late 1800's.”

Needless to say, my mouth flew open in turn. I dug out the original photo--purchased for $3.00 at a flea market (where I get most of the vintage images I draw from in my collage work)--and sure enough, the name “Edgar A. Yelton” was written in elegant script along the base of the mat.  Here is a copy of the original photo... 

So it looks like our handsome rake, who’s inspired countless tales of wanderlust, adultery, tenderness, longing, and debauchery this week, has made his long, winding way back where he belongs. I sent Carol and her family the photo this morning.

Who says you can’t go home again?

But now it’s time to pass the baton, and though I was charmed and amazed by so so many of these treasuries, this one, “The Time Traveler's Disguise,” by The Silk Moon, just hit home for

Congratulations, Natalie, and thanks for this gorgeous, inventive tale of intrigue and adventure. Enjoy your own journey!

Thanks, everyone.


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Treasury Challenge NonTeam: Winning Treasury Challenge #111: Some words from StoriedEye... Well, I’ve been reading the words, “judging this was really hard,” or some variation thereon, every week fo...