Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Someone Inspiring ... Christine Ha @ Master Chef Season 3

Have you watched this season's MasterChef?  I am a fan of this show... my husband and I love to cook, and watching cooking shows on TV is something we really enjoy.  This season, I am throughly inspired and humbled by a very special contestant, Christine Ha.  She is a masterful chef, and happens to be blind.

Watching Christine cook, I find bravery and an enlightened heart to do good things, to remain kind, and to stay positive no matter what happens.  She may be blind, her world seems as colorful as anyone's, if not more.  She is a fine example of showing how much is possible when you put your heart into something.

Christine Ha: Photo credit from her Blog
Master Chef is on Fox every Tuesday & Wednesday.

One of my favorite episodes of Christine in Master Chef: (Baking an Apple Pie)

Christine Ha's Blog:

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