Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Artist Relocation Program in Paducah, KY

Great opportunities and generous incentives are offered to artists and art advocates.  I enjoy finding out the effort people put in to promoting art.  In this case, building an artistic community and with hopes to boost the economy.  Art shouldn't be taken out of the school systems.  It is sad to see it being overshadowed by other subjects.  No scholar or anyone else in the real world would enjoy as much entertainment when there's no education in the arts.  I always believed that in a sinking ship art should not be the item thrown out to make balance.
Take a look at this artist relocation program in Paducah, KY and see how it is using the arts for economic development.

"About The Artist Relocation Program

The Artist Relocation Program began in March 2000 and has become a national model for using the arts for economic development.  At a time when funding for the arts is being cut, Paducah fosters an environment where artists and the arts can flourish.
To date, the program has relocated at least 50 artists to the LowerTown Arts District. Most have taken advantage of the financial incentives offered through the program. Over $30 million have been invested in the neighborhood since the program's inception. For more information on available properties and incentives please call 270.444.8649."

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p/s: Also, you would only be two hours away from the music city Nashville, TN!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Custom wedding jewelry

Brides and bridesmaids are some of my favorite people to work with.  Nothing beats meeting someone who is beaming with joy and happiness and I am honored that they consider my jewelry pieces for their special day.  I want to sincerely thank Mary and her ladies for liking my work, and letting me showcase these beautiful photos (credit: Life is Art Photography) on today's blog.  Thanks again Mary, you were a pleasure to work with and your wedding was angelically beautiful! 

I had a theme, "The Royal Family" whilst creating the bracelets paired with matching earrings
Custom made with bride's and bridesmaid's family beads and buttons

Bride's jewelry stands out as the only silver pieces among the bridal party

headpiece made from bride's family treasures


Monday, December 27, 2010

Family beads and buttons for this Christmas ...

Back and white beads accompanied by pearl and flower printed buttons 
grandma's old earrings as the focus piece, accompanied with tear drop shaped crystal
This Christmas, besides working on new jewelry design for my winter collection, I have been busy with family custom orders.  One of my kind customers came in with her mum's old buttons and beads.  She wanted her sisters, nieces, daughters/in-laws to keepsake a little family's "treasure."  

We used the buttons and beads to match up with each and everyone's personality.  The mums like gardening, so I gave flower centerpieces and a simpler design for them.  The daughters had a little more 'oomph' in colors~ Since the younger generation likes outdoor activities, their pieces were created with a nature theme in mind :) I can't wait to hear from the family how Christmas was for everyone.  It makes me smile when I make something meaningful this Christmas <3  

Pink and red buttons gives a pretty cherry blossom view
pink blossoms leading to the beauty of nature

                   ~  flowers.bees.honey~
Seashore Gems
Seashore Gems

Next blog, I will have pictures taken on my new creations themed Winter Wonderland.  Triptophonic Studios wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year!  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spreading the love...

In the spirit of Trip's mission to get the word out about wonderful artists and crafters that we come across in our travels through life, we thought we might start spotlighting the ones that we love and know you will too.  In today's post, we present Taraduff ( of the "Bearded Beanie" fame!

I bought Mark a Bearded Beanie for Christmas this year, and it's no wonder why they are completely sold out!  We had an early Christmas gift exchange, and when Mark opened his present, he was so surprised that he didn't stop laughing for at least 15 minutes!!  The whimsy and creative design of these hats are definitely worth the pennies; it is also worth noting that it is well-made and durable too!

Just look at how much he's loving his gift:

It's definitely going to keep his head (and face!) very warm during these cold, blistery Wisconsin winters!!  Thanks Tara, for the wonderful handmade piece!! ~*-|*`|*~*Merry Christmas everyone!*|~*|*|*-|~*~

*If you'd like one of Tara's hats, they are listed on etsy as shop/taraduff.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bracelets with Mum's beads



Someone came in with her old unused jewelry, and wanted me to re-purpose them.  She also hoped that her daughter could keepsake something of hers... so I added some centerpieces and turn her old necklaces into two bracelets.  Makes me feel happy when I do projects like that. "'*\(^_~)/'*'