At the very beginning, dress was made to serve as a cover for body to go against bad climatic days. As time pass, dress is not only confined to its basic function. It becomes a way to show fashion attitudes and improve the image of their figure. Put it simply, not everyone has perfect body shape and has no good control of weight but clothes they choose can make them look slimmer or heavier. Here are 7 tips for you to dress and make a slimmer impression on others.

1. Colors Selections

We all know that colors have great optical illusion. Clothing colors provide great variety of choice for you to build your shape image. Generally-speaking, black color is regarded as a perfect option to make you slim for it will detract others’ attention from the flab part. And dark colors have the same effects. However, bright color and large prints on clothes tend to make you look a little bit fat.

2. Patterns of Dresses Selections


Boot Cut Jeans
Boot cut jeans
Jeans are so popular that almost everyone has at least a pair of jeans in their closet. And jeans are designed into various types and colors. Among all of those, boot cut jeans is a top option for they can help to balance your curves and flesh.

A-line Dresses

A-line dress
A-line dress
For ladies who want to hide their paunches, A-line cut dresses are best options to conceal their flesh and hips.

3. Prints and Detailings of Dresses


vertical stripes dress
vertical stripes dress
horizontal stripe dress
horizontal stripe dress
As colors can reshape you figure, prints and stripes have the same function. Usually, vertical stripes offer a slimmer appearance of wearers while the horizontal stripes make viewers’ eyes look back and forth, which builds a bulky appearance of owners.

Pleats and Ruffles

Anyone knows that pleats and ruffles usually make our dress look bulky so that the wearers leave an impression of heavy figure. As a result, if you want to look slimmer, try to avoid such patterns.

Bulky Clothes

To make slimmer look, baggy or bulky clothes are the least choice especially for those who have no perfect body shape. Usually, such designed clothes are too loose to deliver the sense of not fitting and baggy. It is possible for you to imagine the effect when wearing bulky dresses.

4. Highlight legs

high heels highlight your legs
High heels highlight your legs and give a slimmer look
If you have fabulous legs, you must look thinner. Considering that not everyone has such legs, short dresses above the knee will make legs look longer than they are. And also heels can elongate your legs and then make you look slimmer. In a word, any way which can highlight your legs will put you in slimmer condition.

5. Accessories

slimmer accessory
When accessories start to enhance people’s outfits, many accessories creators start to design accessories which give you a slimmer look. If you know how to pair such accessories with your dresses, you will achieve your desired effect.