Monday, April 25, 2011

Jeanne Weymouth: Artist of the Week!

This week, we want to highlight Jeanne Weymouth.  As you can see in the photos we have posted, her work is different and one of a kind, her specialty is apparel and wearable art.  Jeanne lives and works in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, and her work will be showcased on the runway at the Secret Garden Fashion Show.

A little background on this artist: Jeanne received a B.S. in Textiles and Design from UW-Madison, in addition to creating her own wearable art, she has taught many fiber art workshops over the years including workshops on weaving, art fiber doll construction and creating wearable art.

As with our other featured artists, Jeanne does not limit herself to apparel and wearable art, she also makes very cool dolls!  If you like what you see here, head over to her Etsy page to see more of her work: WWW.PLUMMERLAKE.ETSY.COM .  She described her design style as "whimsical, colorful, eclectic; retro; deconstruction of clothing and reconstruction into new designs...  I experiment with EVERYTHING when it comes to fiber arts!"

What else makes Jeanne's wearable art so wonderful?  Her pieces are re-purposed or up-cycled clothing and cloth, so not only are you wearing something beautiful, but you are also doing Mother Earth a favor by keeping the fibers out of a landfill!  We are very excited to be able to share Jeanne's art with you all now and at the Secret Garden Fashion Show!!!  Check out some examples below:


We are getting close to the Secret Garden Fashion Show, it's just about a month away!  Are you excited?  We are!!  The new studio is coming together nicely and we can't wait to show off the new space to you all as well as celebrate the upcoming summer and all these wonderful artists!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Week's Secret Garden Featured Artist: D.U.R.A.

D.U.R.A. is a full time designer/fashion illustrator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Triptophonic Studios has some of her paintings available at the studio presently, and by the fashion show, we will be offering tee shirts, dresses and necklaces by this very talented illustrator.  As you can see in the photos posted below, she has a unique style of illustration which carries over well from the canvas to other media.  The detail in each one of these beautiful works is obvious.  If you purchase anything from D.U.R.A.'s collection, you will own a high quality piece of art work!

D.U.R.A. has a very wide range of projects, which you can see at The Fashion Forest if you are curious.  We have also posted some of her work below.  We are very excited to present her works to you in person at ***The Secret Garden Fashion Show*** on May 28th!! 

See anything you like here? Get them at Triptophonic Studios!

Fashion Paper Dolls - just $1.50 at Triptophonic Studios!

On our way to "The Secret Garden Fashion Show" !!

On Saturday May 28th Triptophonic Studios marks their grand re-opening with the Secret Garden Fashion Show from 4-6pm. 

The Alice in Wonderland-esque fashion show will include designers from Minnesota through Wisconsin.  The designers will showcase professional custom runway looks with modern editorial styling.  Professional photography provided by Iota Photo, styling courtesy of Salon Arian.

Along with the fashion show, there will be a celebration of arts including live music from  The Mark Little Band, and an arts reception with artwork secured from and South East Asia - Singapore and Malaysia.
Participating Designers and Artists include: 

Brooke Burch 
Jeanne Weymouth
Alice Kossow
Khamphian Vang 
Ms Ireen Handmade
Durra Hanna
Evangelione Handmade 
and much much more...

After the studio opening, The Waupaca Arts Board will unveil the Phantom Art Galleries, downtown Waupaca from 6-9pm on the corner of Fulton and Main StreeFarmers markett.

Continuing into the evening the Mark Little Band caps the event with more live music from the Chain O' Lakes Bar and Grill.  "The Chain Bar" in local slang will also unveil a newly renovated deck bar and massive covered patio area. The events hope to support many different art forms and independent artists.

If you want to see Waupaca come to live, start with us at The Secret Garden Fashion Show!  This is a free event and seats are limited, so come on time!  

Memorial Day Weekend SATURDAY 28th MAY 4 - 6pm. 
~ come support some great independent artists ~

Monday, April 11, 2011

Freebies till Fashion Week!

Dear all, we have a list of freebies for our supportive fans out there! In light to our studio's grand opening, we will be giving out some lovely handmade accessories!

Every week till Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday May 28th/six weeks away), a lucky winner will win something handmade from the studio. This week, we are featuring this ...great looking feather inspired beaded necklace worth over $35. This necklace is made with turquoise glass and crystal beads, accessorized with metal charms hooked on a silver necklace.

If you'd like to win this week's give away - here are the rules!

1) The winner has to be one of our Triptophonic Studios fans on Facebook, and needs to tag themselves to the above necklace's photo.

2) Invite at least 5 friends to like our fan's page on and they will automatically be included in next week's winning. You will also have to tag them to the photo so we can draw on their names.

3) All winners will notified to collect their winnings at The Secret Garden Fashion Show @triptophonic studios on Memorial Day Weekend (Sat May 28th, starts at 4p.m)
Thank you for supporting independent artists!  We have something really exciting to give away next week, remember to check back! oh and tag yourself to the prize!!

The Secret Garden Fashion Show is one of the highlighted act to celebrating Triptophonic Studios opening at their new locationl!  The new premises has a really cute garden.  We will be having a grand artists reception/party on Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday May 28th, 2011.  Check out our blog The Secret Gardent Show for more info!


Triptophonic Studios
N2740 Hwy QQ, Waupaca 54981
* our new place is located next to Cate Gourmet

The Secret Garden Fashion Show-An Adventure in Wonderland!

Hello dear readers!

As many of you know, we are working very hard to promote the Secret Garden Fashion Show on Saturday, May 28.  We are very excited for this event, as it is going to be the grand opening of our new location (N2740 Hwy QQ, Waupaca 54981).

The inspiration for the day is "Alice in Wonderland."  Ever since childhood, I have been in love with the mystery of Wonderland.  When I was young, I spent many hours pretending I was Alice and dreamed up many adventures to have in Wonderland with the White Rabbit (my grandmother, who was awesome enough to play along every day for years).  I am thrilled to be a part of making Wonderland come to life right at Triptophonic Studios Memorial Day weekend!  As many of you know, my friend Angela is so very creative, and I know together with her, Triptophonic is going to be decked out and you won't know you are in Waupaca anymore.

The purpose of this show (and Triptophonic Studios' mission) is to promote independent artists and designers from around the world.  In my two previous blog posts, I highlighted Evangelione Handmade and Minifanfan, both very talented artists from Malaysia who will have their art on display at Triptophonic Studios.

We will also be showcasing artwork at the show from Durra Hanna.  Look for my blog post about her artwork next week.  And of course we have more then just three artists to write about!! - SIX Weeks of endless features of all the artists and fashion designers we are going to have at "The Secret Garden Fashion Show - Memorial Day Weekend Saturday May 28th!!" 

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more updates!


Calling for Aspiring Models! The Secret Garden Fashion Show (Memorial Day Weekend - SAT May 28th)

The Secret Garden Fashion Show is recruiting for aspiring models.  Come walk the walk with a make over and a free professional glamor photo shoot! Memorial Day Weekend SATURDAY MAY 28th!
Please write to if you're interested! 

Fabulous clothing by real fashion designers... you will be able to pose for pictures with designers in their collection - all inspired by the Alice in Wonderland theme!  Get a make over and free professional glamorous photo shoot at our photo booth that day! All courtesy by Iota Photography <3 

The Secret Garden Fashion Show is one of the highlighted act to celebrating Triptophonic Studios opening at their new locationl!  Our new premises has a really cute garden.  We will be having a grand artists reception/party on Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday May 28th, 2011.

We hope to have you on the runway!  Write to us soon!

Paper dolls by Durra - Work available at The Secret Garden Fashion Week

Triptophonic Studios
N2740 Hwy QQ, Waupaca 54981

Minifanfan to Fashion Week!

Eng Gee Fan, also known as Minifanfan, is an artist from Malaysia.  We are thrilled to be able to showcase her work at Triptophonic Studios and the Secret Garden Fashion Show during Memorial Day weekend.

Minifanfan is a woman of many talents and we are happy to be able to bring her work to the United States.  If you visit Minifanfan's website, you will see the vast amount of art she produces.  Triptophonic Studios has gotten broaches, art prints, jewelry (earrings and necklaces) as well as illustrated stickers and cards that will be for sale at the studio and at the Secret Garden Fashion Show!


Evangelione Handmade to Fashion Week

Triptophonic Studios is very excited to be showcasing the dolls of guest artist Evangelione of Evangelione Handmade!  She is an internationally recognized artist (see clippings posted below) as well as a dear friend to our Angela.  We are fortunate to be able to sell Evangelione Handmade dolls at Triptophonic at very affordable prices, compared to the market price they are currently being sold at.  Since the demand is high for her work, her stock is consistently sold out, but she works hard to keep up with the demand. 

Evangelione's craftsmanship is simply excellent.  There is great care and detail put into the construction of each and every one of her dolls.  If the photos we have posted are not enough for you, come check out her work at Triptophonic's Secret Garden Fashion Show on Saturday, May 28th!  Her dolls will also be seen around Triptophonic Studios until they are sold out.  Don't miss out, make sure you make one of her precious dolls one of your very own!  You read more about her at
Can't wait to see you all Memorial Day Weekend!


On the Runway



Handmade Doll House