Monday, April 25, 2011

Jeanne Weymouth: Artist of the Week!

This week, we want to highlight Jeanne Weymouth.  As you can see in the photos we have posted, her work is different and one of a kind, her specialty is apparel and wearable art.  Jeanne lives and works in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, and her work will be showcased on the runway at the Secret Garden Fashion Show.

A little background on this artist: Jeanne received a B.S. in Textiles and Design from UW-Madison, in addition to creating her own wearable art, she has taught many fiber art workshops over the years including workshops on weaving, art fiber doll construction and creating wearable art.

As with our other featured artists, Jeanne does not limit herself to apparel and wearable art, she also makes very cool dolls!  If you like what you see here, head over to her Etsy page to see more of her work: WWW.PLUMMERLAKE.ETSY.COM .  She described her design style as "whimsical, colorful, eclectic; retro; deconstruction of clothing and reconstruction into new designs...  I experiment with EVERYTHING when it comes to fiber arts!"

What else makes Jeanne's wearable art so wonderful?  Her pieces are re-purposed or up-cycled clothing and cloth, so not only are you wearing something beautiful, but you are also doing Mother Earth a favor by keeping the fibers out of a landfill!  We are very excited to be able to share Jeanne's art with you all now and at the Secret Garden Fashion Show!!!  Check out some examples below:


We are getting close to the Secret Garden Fashion Show, it's just about a month away!  Are you excited?  We are!!  The new studio is coming together nicely and we can't wait to show off the new space to you all as well as celebrate the upcoming summer and all these wonderful artists!


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