Monday, April 11, 2011

The Secret Garden Fashion Show-An Adventure in Wonderland!

Hello dear readers!

As many of you know, we are working very hard to promote the Secret Garden Fashion Show on Saturday, May 28.  We are very excited for this event, as it is going to be the grand opening of our new location (N2740 Hwy QQ, Waupaca 54981).

The inspiration for the day is "Alice in Wonderland."  Ever since childhood, I have been in love with the mystery of Wonderland.  When I was young, I spent many hours pretending I was Alice and dreamed up many adventures to have in Wonderland with the White Rabbit (my grandmother, who was awesome enough to play along every day for years).  I am thrilled to be a part of making Wonderland come to life right at Triptophonic Studios Memorial Day weekend!  As many of you know, my friend Angela is so very creative, and I know together with her, Triptophonic is going to be decked out and you won't know you are in Waupaca anymore.

The purpose of this show (and Triptophonic Studios' mission) is to promote independent artists and designers from around the world.  In my two previous blog posts, I highlighted Evangelione Handmade and Minifanfan, both very talented artists from Malaysia who will have their art on display at Triptophonic Studios.

We will also be showcasing artwork at the show from Durra Hanna.  Look for my blog post about her artwork next week.  And of course we have more then just three artists to write about!! - SIX Weeks of endless features of all the artists and fashion designers we are going to have at "The Secret Garden Fashion Show - Memorial Day Weekend Saturday May 28th!!" 

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