Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mustache Fever

Mark really likes the show Magnum PI, and has been watching the re-runs... we got the chance to visit beautiful Hawaii and of course to see the Magnum PI mansion last year.  There, I surprised Mark with a handmade mustache identical to what Magnum has for giggles.  Ever since then I started making mustache on sticks and now into necklaces.

I want to thank Hesley Harps for blogging about the hot pink mustache she got from the studio this summer.  I thought I would return the favor and lead some fans to her page.  (She's very pretty and cool...also an actress!!) Check it out --->  http://hellogiggles.com/moustaches-a-love-story

Here's some pictures of the mustache pieces, and I hope they make you smile.  Custom orders available in variety of colors to pick from ---> see all my wool colors below.

Little Lucy modeling for us at the shop.  Thanks again Lucy!

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