Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back and About

Summer flew by for us as usual this summer, and i really have no idea what I've done this year.  But they said when you are happy - time flies; and when you can't remember what happened at a party - it had to be fun -->  (>_<) so yay.

I have been working hard on creating jewelry using all sorts of medium and materials.  My latest goal is to find success on my Etsy shop.  I hope in time to come, I am able to feature many great work online and bring more fabulous artists to our customers.  I appreciate your constant support to our studio, and will continue to bring our passion for art and music to the table.   Hopefully through our little effort, everyone gets to see many other hardworking artists and their work.

Since my active participation on Etsy, I have found many wondrous work.  Here's some of them - incase you needed help looking for a special Christmas present (:

*we respect all copyrights of the above pictures, and is mainly sharing the artists' work of art.  

Like what you see and wanna find out more about these artists? You can track them down on my Etsy Treasury list @-

Stay tuned for some new blog entries, I have some new challenges and new work to post  :)

Love a little more, Angela

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