Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Artist Relocation Program in Paducah, KY

Great opportunities and generous incentives are offered to artists and art advocates.  I enjoy finding out the effort people put in to promoting art.  In this case, building an artistic community and with hopes to boost the economy.  Art shouldn't be taken out of the school systems.  It is sad to see it being overshadowed by other subjects.  No scholar or anyone else in the real world would enjoy as much entertainment when there's no education in the arts.  I always believed that in a sinking ship art should not be the item thrown out to make balance.
Take a look at this artist relocation program in Paducah, KY and see how it is using the arts for economic development.

"About The Artist Relocation Program

The Artist Relocation Program began in March 2000 and has become a national model for using the arts for economic development.  At a time when funding for the arts is being cut, Paducah fosters an environment where artists and the arts can flourish.
To date, the program has relocated at least 50 artists to the LowerTown Arts District. Most have taken advantage of the financial incentives offered through the program. Over $30 million have been invested in the neighborhood since the program's inception. For more information on available properties and incentives please call 270.444.8649."

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p/s: Also, you would only be two hours away from the music city Nashville, TN!

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